école20.jpgAre you ready to make a big change in your life, do you want to feel the liberty of traveling, are you dreaming of a great international career, are you passionate about learning languages and discovering different cultures, do you want to grow as a person, are you a cosmopolitan?

Live the experience of learning the French language in Nice, on the French Riviera, as it is an exciting challenge. It’s the perfect way to combine studies, cultural tourism and have the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful and trendiest seaside destinations in the world with its stunning coastline, beaches and mild climate.

French is a widely spoken language across the globe and one of the most important foreign languages in Europe in business and politics. Located in central Europe, France is a good starting point to visit other interesting countries nearby.

Enlarge your horizon and learn French in Nice. It’s not only the perfect way to learn the French Language but also an enriching, mind-opening experience, a cultural exchange, a career step-up or possibility to get access to a French university with the DELF diploma.

You can choose from a 1-week language courses during the summer holidays to a 12/24/36 my-story.jpgweek internationally recognized exam courses

We are committed to professionalism in a friendly, open and tolerant atmosphere.

We want to meet your expectations with our multiple possibilities of French language courses and we can ensure you to learn the French language in a fun, effective and easy way. By learning French in France you can quickly perfect your language skills by practicing them in all of your daily activities and interactions.

Are you, or do you want to be multilingual, an engineer, air-hostess,  translator, interpreter, or you just want to have a great summer and continue your studies? We suggest it all…..

If you want learn, update or improve your French on the French Riviera and if you like our concept of French language courses, then your investment and our competence will guarantee a mutual success.