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Why did you decide to take French courses in France?

Which French courses did you take?

How were your French courses in Nice?

What did you think about our teachers?

How have you spent your free time?

What aspect about Nice, your French courses or your stay has impressed you most?

Why did you choose French in France-Nice?

Can you give a good advice to future students?




  • Nancy - I can recommend to learn French in Nice

    Hello, my name is Nancy (28) and I live in Geneva (Swizerland). In my work I have many French clients so I decided to go to France for 3 weeks of standard courses and I added one hour per day of one-to-one courses focussed on banking. This was a very good combination. I progressed very quickly and the teachers were very professional. I stayed in an equipped studio, it was very quiet and clean. In my free time I visited Nice and went for long walks on the seaside. It was beautiful and very relaxing. The weather was amazing. What impressed me most was that the people were so kind and relaxed, no rush in Nice. I can recommend to learn French in Nice, it is the best way to learn the language. I would like to thank the school for their kindness and all their help!

  • Alex - Berlin - Great level of courses and had a real good stay in Nice!

    My name is Alex (20) and I live close to Berlin, Germany. I chose for a 3 week standard course in Nice to update my French which will be helpfull to continue my studies in Berlin.The French classes were fun and especially focused on speaking. I really gained confidence in speaking the language. The teachers really took their time to explain everything, they were very helpfull. I visited many places and I really liked Antibes.The contemporary arts museum in Nice was very nice. My hostfamily was fantastic, they really took good care of me and the other 2 students.We had a lot of fun together and we went out in the evenings very often. The old town of Nice is great to go out for drinks.

  • Rafaella - French lessons in Nice

    Hi, I am Rafaella from Brazil, Santa Catarina. I am 19 years old. I came to Nice for 4 weeks. The French lessons are fun, everybody in the school is very kind. The family where I stayed is great, they learned me a lot. I hope to come back next year. Nice is beautiful there are so many things to visit. I learned a lot in Nice. I love the French boulangeries!!

  • Matt from Pennsylvania - Nice is just Fantastic

    I'm Matt (23) from Pennsylvania. My 3 weeks in Nice were fantastic. The French lessons and teachers were very professionel and fun. I took standard courses in the morning and I had a lot of free time to spend. There are so many activities is Nice, I practised sports every single day, skating, running, diving, tennis, cycling.... It was sunny every day. I did many excursions with the school, they were great. The bus and train services make it easy to go around. The flat was near the boulevard. I tried some French cooking with the flat mates, we had good fun. Thanks to the school, you were great guys. A good advice for future students? Just do it!